You’re thinking of celebrating a birthday party your child but do not know where to start, you want to do something special and do not know how to organize, do not worry today I’ll show you the ten basic ideas to make the perfect birthday party for your child.


It will be an unforgettable party for your son and his friends. There will be a bit of everything from fun activities, a decoration dream food was ever seen, original garlands, giant balloons, and a souvenir to take home.

Think about a topic

The first thing is to decide the theme of the party, only you know the tastes of your son, but I leave some classics that always work, the theme of the circus, a fictional character from your favorite film, or simply if a child chooses a Motif, be it hearts, a cloud, a star, the moon or a rabbit.

Having decided the theme, choose colors that you will use to decorate the party if it is clear that the circus will be red and white stripes if you use the sky clouds, stars, and moons in pastel blue.

Download a printable

Once the guest list is made, you can send invitations in the mail, or have your child hand in them. Make it original, engages with washi tape on a card with a bag of cellophane candy confetti or inside with the date and type a phrase: “I hope.”

If yours is not drawing or crafts can download a printable, you like your favorite blogs, which I link you here is an original invitation with a cloud and rainbow pop that children will love.

In this other printable you’ll find an assortment of table decorations, the cupcakes, invitations, the cards with the names of the guests, adhesives to identify the food, … Endless trifles.

Put a colorful buffet with fun food

A very practical and the beautiful idea is to make a buffet with all the food, where children and parents can serve whatever they want, outside chairs and order children to jump and hop, you can do it in the field, terrace or garden, So you will not be afraid to get dirty.

On the table lay funny food, biscuits with shapes made with customizable rollers Valek Rolling Pins, if the party goes hearts, you can instruct this house that makes you a roll with hearts, or whatever you like, a phrase which put: “Happy birthday XXX.”

Put a section with food to feed such as sandwiches without crust cut cutters with fun shapes, heart-shaped potatoes, watermelon-shaped star, by the way, the sandwich salad with boiled egg and mayonnaise you’ll love.

And then put a section gourmand things, jars with candies, clouds, chocolate bars, bottles with straws full of delicious refreshments, all decorated and well marked with little cards that have made or downloaded.

Remember that the dishes, glasses, straws, napkins, and tablecloths are of the color and theme of the party if you can be, you can buy all this and much more at the Mr. Wonderful store, along with garlands, candles and more.

Decorate the space

We already have the table set. Now you need to decorate the rest of the space, do it with the colors and the reason for the party, if a pink heart, put garlands with hearts, cut hearts to decorate the table, chairs, and walls, put tails hearts on balloons.

You can use the balloons of the house Bubblegum Balloons are extremely beautiful, or you can make garlands yourself, as we saw a few days ago in Seven DIY’s for your child ‘s bedroom, but in color and shape you want.

A pinata

Can not miss a piñata, is a staple of a party anniversary or you can do it yourself or order it, there are many candy shops that make custom, tell them what you want, a cloud, a star or a heart …

But also you can do it yourself as we saw in Ten DIY’s to do with your child, here are all the steps to make your piñata, you’ll see how easy it is.

A photo

Another great idea is to make a small protocol, where shoot photos to your child with his friends as if celebrities are treated, Brew a fantasy space with the theme and colors chosen.

They all pass through the protocol friends, have a wonderful and fun memory with your friends, then you can send the email to remind parents of their friends, they’ll love.

You can build a small set of cardboard, paint and decorate with paper, fabric. Another option is to make a set with wreaths of paper Pinocchio as we see in the photo, short strips and these at the same time makes a fringe on both sides look what cool effect.

Or you do something even more original, a set in three dimensions, as this fabulous aircraft, which can be accessed on a shoestring, cardboard, and tape, you can also decorate. It does not have to be a plane to give it the shape you like, a cloud, a star, where the children have inside, and you can take pictures as beautiful as this.

Put a kiosk

Which serve ice cream, cake, lemonade, which you like your son, it’s fun, and it will have a great time, serving their drinks and sweets. You can do it yourself with cardboard boxes or purchase fact, here I’ll tell you where.

The cake

Obviously you can not miss the cake, but not the boring pie pastry, do something personalized and surprise, that has to do with the topic, fill color, mini wreaths, and funny objects, Seven original decorations very simple to make cakes, I’ll tell you how.

1366_2000 (1)

An activity

Children sometimes go haywire, so this does not happen ten prepared some activities to do, from the basics such as eating, blowing out the candles, the usual outdoor activities like, sack races, or break the piñata.

Also, you can disguise and crafts, designed with cartons of large appliances a house with doors and windows and decorate it with markers, washi tape, and colored paper.

Or you can make your mask with a cardboard box and colored paper and markers, which ears, mouth, eyes and nose are made, then they can play with their costumes, like the image I show you.

A detail of memory

The party already finished and your friends can not leave empty – handed, carried a craft souvenir lollipop, a box full of candy with your name and the date of the party.

Although you love to do, you have no material this time, then what you need is to commission services to a third party for you decorate the party , sure you have friends who have already used such services and that are close to your city, if you liked just have to call them, but I recommend to Nice Party .

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