Celebrate with a theme? Why would you give a theme party? A theme can give something special a party. It prevents your party or game is one of a dozen. It makes it more than “networking, snacks and drinks. From start to finish you can handle such a theme in your party. Think send special invitation cards. Appropriate flags and garlands hang. Special snacks and drinks during the party. Well-selected CDs for swinging music. Perhaps a thematic parting gift for your guests. And last but not least ‘: it gives you as organizer much anticipation!


Invent a themed party

How do you make a theme party? A theme party is just a party that you fill and shapes by choosing a theme for your party. A subject that you like and you suspect that your guests find it jolly. It is useful if you choose a theme that easily allows further completed without much trouble and much money, but with pleasure.

One could think of a country or continent. Or think about your hobby. You probably friends or acquaintances with whom you have that hobby in common: travel or nature or cooking. Do you practice common sports? Such as soccer or swim? Love music, a certain type of music? Keep your friends and family to the same music? You Musical?

How to fill in your fancy dress party later?

When filling out your holiday theme, you can think of all aspects of the party. Starting with the invitation to a farewell present.


Your theme you can incorporate into your invitation card. You announce your theme party and choose an appropriate image and an appropriate statement or color it. Is, for example, a celebration around food: image than a cook-off or put a recipe for a snack that you serve at the party.

Wish List

If a party is where you can ask your guests gifts, choose gifts that are related to your theme. If it is traveling party, ask your books on the country you want to go, a globe, a map, but invent.


Snacks and drinks

Of course, you can also get snacks and drinks to try to fill based on your theme. You croquette is a football if you give an orange-Forgiving football feast. You drink orange bitters. Or orange juice for those who do not drink alcohol


Allicht is to find music that fits your party. Do you have a Morocco-party? Then you go in search of Moroccan music or Moroccan musicians. Do you like jazz? Search jazz CDs.


The themed decorations do not have to be complicated or expensive. A natural party? Browse napkins with flowers or herbs or birds on it. A football party? Orange streamers. Did you exchange lists on the wall? Do it for that day (or longer, after all, it’s your favorite theme) matching pictures, cards or calendar plates. For a pink party, you like photographs and maps hanging roses.


See if you can come up with appropriate clothing for yourself. And maybe you defy your guests to do the same. Is the party a rock and roll? Look in your wardrobe or find in a thrift store. A dance party? Tap a second graceful skirt on the head. Or do it yourself at last that outfit gift you wanted to buy a long time.

Farewell presents

On the children’s now infants often receive a gift to take home. That you can still do for your adult guests? Just a little something. For a dining party: a delicious recipe. At a garden party: a bag of seeds.


Festive conclusion

A theme can give your party something extra. It gives the birthday girl anticipation, and it helps your guests an idea of a present or a future themed party. As can be seen from the examples, it does not need a lot of extra time and money consuming. The examples have helped you get stuck going!

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