Because your birthday, because it’s New Year’s Eve or just because it can. Give a party is always fun! All your friends make on the floor and having fun until the early hours. But before that, there must be the necessary preparations.




Choose the perfect party venue out. Maybe with you in the garage, the living room or your boyfriend in the barn! Just make sure you choose a party space also good hot token is. Your guests will. I do not come to the party in thermal clothing, scarf, and mittens. The neighbor would appreciate it if the location is a little soundproof. They will eventually not until three o’clock at night and share in BeyoncĂ©’s hits and tracks from Armin van Buuren …


“Hello, neighbor and neighbor …” Make advance notes for your neighbors. It tells you this Friday a party. If your neighbors are not unexpectedly surprised by any noise and they will have more understanding that you are giving a party. It would be unfortunate if the door to 23:30 the police state and calls on you to end the party because the neighbors complained. If you have good contact with your neighbors, then go down briefly to announce your party.

Are you coming?

Create an original invitation. Perhaps you give a themed party. It’s nice also to make the invitation in this theme. The most fun and the most personal, if you make the invitations yourself. Go to work creatively with fun pieces of paper, scissors, and glue. If you want to invite around thirty men, concerns or worry sometimes. But a nice, personal invitation will certainly appreciate your guests! Set the date, place and time on the ticket and forget there is not a way that may not come as guests, they should report it here. Otherwise, you’re still with six bottles of coke and four scales snacks after the party.


Make a list of the number of friends that come to your party. So you can estimate how much a little drink must be purchased. Ask around what is normally consumed. But also think of your budget! If you are not yet sixteen, go for the tasty juices and soft drinks. Also, non-alcoholic cocktails are fun to make for the party goers. Tip: Keep the receipt of your purchased liquor well. In some supermarkets you bottles that are not open return. This saves you money again.


Candy and other tasty things

Chips and croquettes are real party snacks. But maybe it’s nice if you put something else on the table. Delicacies to suit your party. Acid sticks, cupcakes and popcorn or a delicious fruit salad. Whatever tasty snacks, small pizzettes. Okay, and of course you always have to turn the fryer.


You see not sit to go around all evening with drinks and snacks? Ask your brother and sister (or neighbor’s children) to the rescue! They will find it great fun to be able to be with your party. Whether all night as a waiter gently around should or not. They may also help to ask a boyfriend or girlfriend. You need to make this evening so at least no more pressure or anyone enough to drink and get sweets.


It is also nice to have a friend (s) (or if you still have a brother / sister) request as a DJ. There is nothing as annoying as ever having to walk to the CD player. Allow your just chatting with a good friend. The music stops again with … Your DJ will spin requests and all other simple numbers with pleasure for you. Can you so quickly find a DJ? Make yourself a nice and long (!) Track list. Note: To make this, you have just lost some time.

Surprise your parents

If you do not want your parents all their dance moves to show your friends, they then surprising that evening with a fun outing. Give them see a film voucher or leave them to cool beauty package in the newspaper. A win-win situation. Both you and your parents have a nice evening.


And of course, we must not forget the decorations! Hang around the party venue full of fun garlands and balloons. If you give a themed party, it is nice to fit here on the decoration on. Remember to make it out too cozy. For example, place flares at the front door. So your guests know immediately where the party is!


Let’s party!

Throw a party takes quite some. Look your parents ever loved, maybe they want to sponsor you a bit. Or make a good deal with them: When they fund you, then you do a month long …

Ps. Make for the day after yet no plans. Your parents will think I appreciate if all the next day again looks spick and span.

You are soon going to give a party and what is the kind of party? And you still have any tips?

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