Oct 30, 2011

Fabulous Christmas Cupcakes

Santa's Feet Sugar Cupcakes - Yum! Source: Sugar Siren Cakes Mackay
It's official...I think this Sugar Siren Cakes have the best cupcakes in Australia, (if not the world!)

Sugar Siren Cakes is situated in Mackay, Queensland, Australia. She creates beautiful hand made gourmet cakes, cookies & cupcakes using only quality ingredients. Just look at these amazing Christmas Cupcakes.

Snowflake cupcakes Source: Sugar Siren Cakes
Christmas Pudding Cupcake Source: Sugar Siren Cakes
Christmas Bauble Cupcakes Source: Sugar Siren Cakes
Christmas Cupcakes Source: Sugar Siren Cakes
Boxed Christmas Cupcakes - What a beautiful present! Source: Sugar Siren Cakes

Oct 27, 2011

Halloween Mummy Juice boxes

Mummy Juice Boxes - Source: Parents.com
These Mummy Juice boxes will impress your young Halloween party guests. Here's how to make these spooky sippers!


White electrical Tape roll (I also used white streamers)
Juice boxes
Adhesive Googly eyes

Wrap the tape or white streamer around the juice box. Make sure you leave a hole for the straw. Then add the googly eyes.


Halloween Mummy Bars

Mummy Bars  Source: The Ideas Room
Okay, so these are the cutest Halloween DIY Treats - Halloween Mummy Bars. I noticed this idea on The Ideas Room - Halloween Mummy Birthday Party

These Mummy bars are a cinch to make, here's how:


Hershey Bars or Kit Kats
Black card stock (2 inch square)
Adhesive craft glue
Googly eyes
White pre-cut streamers


Googly eyes are first adhered to a small piece of black card stock. 

The card stock is then glued to the Hershey bar or Kit Kat wrapper.

Long white streamer strip (about six foot long) is then glued to the  bottom of the candy bar and wrapped several times around it, leaving the eyes peaking out. 

That's it! How easy, Enjoy