Aug 30, 2010

M&M Cake.....mmmm

Image Sourced from: Paige's Pantry

If you are looking for some birthday cake inspiration, look no further. Check this M&M and Kit Kat cake out. This is so easy to construct and visually amazing. For the older age birthday party particularly, this is perfect.

Full recipe and instructions can be found at  one of my favourite baking blogs Paige's Pantry


Aug 19, 2010

Kids MasterChef Party

Network Ten has announced that Junior MasterChef Australia will be hitting our screens in September, so get set for your kids to become obsessed with all things cooking. A Kids MasterChef Party is easy to hold at home in your own kitchen. 

A party of eight children, working in pairs, with an age group older than eight years, is the start of a perfect party recipe. I road tested a Kids MasterChef Party for my niece Grace, turning 10yrs, with a total of six girls and it was a smash hit. So I thought I would share the secret to my party success with you.

Upon arrival greet your guests with their very own MasterChef Apron and Chef Hat. Have coloured fabric pens on hand for decorating and autographs. Grace had a fantastic idea that each girl should be given a recipe folder and they could choose from a selection of printed recipes from Stir Fry Chicken to Microwave Chocolate Pudding. This was a hit with the girls. The most popular recipe sheets included a photos of the dish.

All of the girls had watched  MasterChef on Network 10 and were familiar with the format - Mystery Box Challenge, Invention Test, Pressure Test, Masterclass and Group Challenges. We decided to base our party format around these to ensure our party had structure and maintained a high level of interest with the girls.

Mystery Box Challenge

Each team were given the following ingredients, from which they had to choose six, to create their mystery box challenge:

Mini Meringues
Chocolate Mouse
Sponge Cake
Chocolate Ice cream
Vanilla Ice cream
Strawberry Ice cream
Crushed Nuts
Whipping Cream
Icing Sugar
Glazed Cherries
Frozen Raspberries & Blueberries
Hershey's Chocolate Bar

Utensils Provided
Parfait Glass
Balloon Glass
White Plate
Various party decorations (Mini Umbrellas, Foil Streamer, Coloured Straws, Ribbon)
Electric Beater
Chopping board

Girls were split into pairs to complete the Mystery Box Challenge with a time limit of 20 mins. Points were awarded for individuality, appearance, taste and creative flair.

The winner and runner up are shown here.
Holly and Renae's Magical Ice cream Sundae Surprise

Grace and Melanie's Ice cream Creation

 MasterClass comprised a very simple lesson on how to cook eggs. We started by drawing faces on the eggs and had a bit of fun doing so. This activity took 10 mins.

We then moved onto the Pressure Test. The girls were shown how to boil and egg and all had an opportunity to boil one themselves. Points were awarded for the best boiled egg and the best egg design. Bonus points awarded for artistic expression. As we gave each girl a chance at the Pressure test, this took just over 30 mins.


Girls paired up again to face the MasterChef Invention Test. Ten bags as shown below were placed on a table from which each team had to choose one. Inside the bag gave basic instructions and a list of ingredients and equipment they could use to complete the test. These could be taken from "the Pantry" (my dining room table). Girls were given a whole hour to complete the task. We actually went over time by 10 mins as I let the girls complete the Invention test.

These bags were inspired by  thINKspot

I chose simple pancakes, cookies or decorating something they baked. I was really interested to see what they they came up with.
Holly and Renae decorated cupcakes in a cookie monster style.
   The girls followed a recipe and instructions that I found at Everyday Celebrating.

Rose and Talia had to make the perfect pancake
Rose an Talia had to make the perfect pancake. Although this may sound like the easiest of the Invention Test choices, it was probably the most time consuming for the girls as they wanted to get each pancake the same size.

Grace and Melanie created Passion fruit Melting Moments

Grace and Melanie created Passion fruit Melting Moments from a  recipe found in the Book: I Want to Be a Chef - Baking. There are plenty of Melting Moment Recipes online. A passion fruit version can be found at

Other Invention test ideas could be:

Creating a Bento Box:

Find great bento box ideas from Fresh From Florida

Cupcake Croquembouche MasterChef wouldn't be the same without this challenge. If you think your guests are up for it, then creating a croqembouche as a group challenge would be enjoyed by all. I found the most kid-friendly recipe and instructions at . An alternative to the tricky croquembouche, could be a Donut Stack. Get the kids to decorate the donuts with icing, sprinkles, lollies - then stack!

Image Sourced from : Shekinah Deli

Games you could play at a Kids MasterChef Party could include:

Set the Table  Divide guests into two teams and provide each team with a box with everything to set the table -tablecloth, cutlery, napkins, place mat, glasses. It's handy to also include a picture of a perfectly set table. The task is completed one team at a time. It is a timed activity with the shortest time for a correctly set table wins.

Popcorn Relay Divide the guests into two teams and give each team a large bucket of popcorn and a large serving spoon. A few meters away from each team, place an empty large bowl. Each member of the team has to fill their spoon with popcorn, run up to the empty bowl and deposit the popcorn. They then run back to the team and someone else has a go. Set a timer and when the time is up see which team has transferred the most popcorn.

Taste Test Have ten different spreads, sauces, lollies, spice....anything you can find, and place in small bowls. Guests are blindfolded and must guess correctly the items. The winner is the person who correctly guesses the most items.

Potato Chip Test Get 5 different brands of potato chips (they should all be similar in style) and put a large number of each in 5 numbered bowls. Hide the bags. Give each player a pad of paper to record which they like the most and write down any comments about them. After everyone is done, bring out the 5 different bags and have them pick which chips goes to each brand. Let them read their comments.

The Chocolate Game Make a circle. In the middle of the circle place a plate full of Chocolate M&M's and a pair of cooking gloves. Each player takes a turn at throwing a dice. If you roll a six, run into the centre of the circle and place the cooking gloves on. You then must pick up M&M's with the gloves and place in your mouth (harder than it sounds). Meanwhile, your friends are rolling the dice. Once someone else has rolled a six, you take off  and hand over the cooking gloves. They are only allowed to eat one M&M at a time and finish it before they have another.

Napkin Folding Great instructions can be found at Napkin Folding Guide

Use your Noodle You need a bag of uncooked penne pasta and a bag of uncooked spaghetti pasta. The penne is spread out on a table and each child has to try and pick up as many pieces of penne as they can, using a single 'stick' of spaghetti with one hand behind their back.

Chef Hat Craft  An alternative to buying the Chef hats could be making them. Girls would love this craft activity. I believe it should be aimed at 9yrs+ Instruction can be found at Disney Family Fun

Grace and her friends had so much fun at the Kids MasterChef Party. I hope you have fun at yours!
I would love to see some pictures of your party, so please send them to me at Parties4me and I will post for all to see and be inspired.

Have Fun!  

Aug 7, 2010

Minute to Win It Cake

Image Sourced from:

Okay, so I'ts obvious that everyone wants a Minute to Win It Party! Check out this great birthday cake for a Minute to Win it Party. More great birthday cake inspiration can be found at Cake Central

Image Source from Cake Central

I particularly like Emily's cake above with the caption "Failure to complete this". The "Eating Birthday Cake" challenge shouldn't be too hard for most. 

Have Fun!

Aug 3, 2010

Party Pom Poms - Perfect!

When looking for decorating inspiration for my chandelier at home, I was delighted when I  found these Lily Pulitzer Party Pom Poms for sale online at Preppy Princess

These are a fantastic decoration for just about any celebration.
Should you feel that it is well within your creative power to create your own Party Pom Pom, then check out  Martha Stewart's detailed instructions

[Image sourced at]

Please share photos of your Party Pom Pom creations by forwarding to Parties4Me. We all would love to see them!

Have Fun